elcome to Madison University's Department of Graduate Records

This website is designed to meet the needs of graduates seeking transcripts and/or education verification.  The office of admissions is closed and does not accept enrollment or admission applications.

If you are a graduate and need a transcript, please complete the transcript request form.

To report an issue with this website including but not limited to content and function, please contact the website administrator at

Department of Graduate Records

Transcript/Education Verification Policy:

The transcript/education verification policy is as follows: (1) all requests for transcripts must be made in writing using the applicable transcript request form, (2) all requests must carry the signed authorization of the graduate, (3) the issuance of a transcript is the only information that will be released (subjective or narrative assessments are not permitted), (4) under no circumstances will verbal requests be accepted, nor will verbal education verification be provided by the department of graduate records.


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